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Financial assistance

EXA does not want cost to be an obstacle to participation in our program.

Option1. Ask for employer sponsorship.

We encourage you to work with your employer to ask for sponsorship for the program's cost as professional development. Your employer may be interested in supporting your growth if the company is experiencing growth, decline, or changes and needs managers equipped to lead. Your performance record, drive, and dedication indicate your passion and ability to leverage your newly learned skills at your company. Many of our past graduates have received employer sponsorships.

This is the template to help you make the request. You can quickly draft a letter using the template to suit your specific situation.

Option 2. Apply for EXA Financial Assistance.

If you're not able to get employer sponsorship, apply for EXA Financial Assistance!

We believe in promoting a diverse community in tech and want to support engineers from various backgrounds. Apply for EXA financial assistance here if you cannot attend due to cost. 

* We can offer the scholarships because the founders are not taking any salaries. 100% of the program fees are directed towards running the program. Read more about our philosophy here.

Scholarship recipient

Here's why our scholars are excited about EXA

Zahrah Ayu Afifah Febriani

Software Engineer @Kargo Technologies


"As being new to Software Engineering, access to a program like Exaltitude is special. I'm excited to learn and get tangible advice from the experts to help me shape my career in the future."


EXA Scholarship

The scholarship application must be filled out after applying for the Exaltitude Leadership Circle program. Apply for the program here.

More information on the scholarship will be provided after you’ve been accepted to EXA Leadership Circle.

Next Steps

What to expect

Step 1: Apply for the program

Fill out the application here.

Step 2: Apply for scholarship

Fill out the application above.

Step 3: Interview

If your application is accepted, we'll invite you for a 15 minute interview with one of the Co-founders. We will answer all of your questions and share more about how EXA Leadership Circle can help you get to the next level.

Step 4: Acceptance

Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis. You'll hear back from us in 1-2 weeks after the interview. We'll share the scholarship information at this stage.

Our programs are kept small and intimate, so we've been able to only accept about 25% of the applicants in the past.

Step 5: Join the community

Once you've secured your spot with a payment, you'll get invitations to members-only events.

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Receive the Leadership Circle syllabus and program details.

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