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Financial assistance

EXA does not want cost to be an obstacle to participation in our program.

Option1. Ask for employer sponsorship.

We encourage you to work with your employer to ask for sponsorship for the program's cost as professional development. Your employer may be interested in supporting your growth if the company is experiencing growth, decline, or changes and needs managers equipped to lead. Your performance record, drive, and dedication indicate your passion and ability to leverage your newly learned skills at your company. Many of our past graduates have received employer sponsorships.

This is the template to help you make the request. You can quickly draft a letter using the template to suit your specific situation.

Option 2. Apply for EXA Financial Assistance.

If you're not able to get employer sponsorship, apply for EXA Financial Assistance!

We believe in promoting a diverse community in tech and want to support engineers from various backgrounds. Apply for a partial financial assistance here if you cannot attend due to cost. 

Apply for Scholarship

* We can offer the scholarships because the founders are not taking any salaries. 100% of the program fees are directed towards running the program.

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Apply for the EXA partial financial assistance program. We don't want the cost to be an obstacle in your success!

Apply for scholarship

Scholarship recipients

Here's why our scholars are excited about EXA

Jane Fong

Senior Software Engineer @FloQast


"I recently got promoted to a Senior Software Engineer position, and I joined EXA to grow in more soft-skill areas of being a leader and learning to advocate for myself. I was looking for help understanding the expectations of me as a senior and beyond the outside of the technical skills. The program provided me with the resources I needed to develop both my personal and professional skills, from self-promotion, understanding my values, and learning about the different career routes like Tech Lead Vs. Eng Manager, and much more—I absolutely recommend EXA! The program helped me build confidence in myself to thrive professionally and personally."

Aaron Carpenter

Software Engineer @LifeScience Logistics


"I applied for the EXA scholarship because I wanted to take my career to the next level by making a high-quality impact in the world and gain enough confidence and experience as a Software Engineer and leader to venture out and run my own software company in the future. Through the program, I enjoyed hearing about experiences and opinions outside of my own as it helped me define my beliefs and my career growth. With me being an early-career engineer, it has been quite beneficial to hear from my peers and Jean and Soyoung, and understand their perspectives on the different paths they took and the lessons they learned. Overall, I'm very thankful for this program as it has helped me gain alternative perspectives beyond what's available in my existing network. It has definitely set me up for successful career growth."

Zahrah Ayu Afifah Febriani

Software Engineer @Kargo Technologies


"As being new to Software Engineering, access to a program like Exaltitude is special. I'm beyond grateful that I joined the program to figure out my goals and meet more people in the program. Prior to joining Exaltitude, I didn't have access to advice for my career because I didn't know many people in tech. I can now always get back to the tools and lessons that have been introduced in the program and talk to the new network for advice. Thank you, Jean and Soyoung!"

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partial Scholarship

Step 1

Apply for the scholarship below.

Step 2

Apply and book your time for an interview for the Exaltitude membership here.

More information on the scholarship will be provided after you’ve been accepted to EXA Leadership Circle.

Step 2

Apply & interview in one step

Pick a time to meet with Jean for a 20-minute call to discuss your goals and if EXA is a good fit for you!

We'll ask you more questions on the next page, after you pick the time slot. This will work as our "application".

Membership fee: $1498
Application fee: $0‍

‍* The founders have not taken any salaries since the start of EXA and 100% of the program fees are directed towards running the program.

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