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Jean Lee

I've been a Software Engineer and Manager in Silicon Valley for 15 years. Most recently I was the 19th engineer at WhatsApp and worked with Facebook for six years after the acquisition. I have built stellar products, engineering teams, and diverse communities as a Software Engineering Manager and a leader.

I'm also the Founder of Exaltitude. Growing and nurturing future leaders of Silicon Valley has been my passion.

A note from Jean

We live in a time of seemingly infinite choices. There is no one “correct” career route to follow.

I started mentoring about eight years ago. I’ve mentored and coached many Software Engineers and Managers from diverse backgrounds. Over time, I started seeing some patterns. Many people are searching for clarity — How do I get to the next level?

Modern Ideas Of A Job

The idea of a career or a job is a relatively modern concept. If you were born into a farming family, that’s what you did. If you were a woman, you would help your husband. You didn’t have to make decisions about your career. In a way, life was more straightforward because your options were limited, and your path was chosen for you. Not that that was a better way of life, but at least you wouldn’t be overwhelmed with decisions. 

With the concept of “work” and the development of industries, some professions have been around longer and, therefore, have more stable routes. For instance, if you are a CPA, you go to school for accounting, take the CPA exam, get a job at a firm, and file taxes. Not that being a CPA is easy, but the path is pretty straightforward. 

Tech is a relatively newer industry, and it’s constantly changing — it will probably continue to change in our lifetime.

Though some people in tech have more of the CPA style careers — they study Computer Science at an Ivy League school, get a job at a FAANG company, and work the ladder. But there are a lot of people who are not following that path. 

Maybe you go through a career change or explore different industries or roles. Maybe the path is less clear, and there are fewer rules. You have the freedom to design your own career. 
Sometimes it can be lonely or overwhelming, but it can also be exhilarating. You can chart your path and make your own way. 

For Ambitious Engineers Who Want To Get To The Next Level

You’re technically strong and feel comfortable building and shipping products.You wish there were more mentorship and career development opportunities. You want to connect with other engineers, but you’re not sure where to start. What are the things you need to get to the next level? Do you want to explore becoming a people manager, a tech lead, or wonder what other options are out there?

If you don’t know where you want to go, but just run fast, you can end up nowhere fast.

It’s Time To Make A Change

Either keep doing what you’re doing or take a new action - get clarity on where you’re heading and the recognition you deserve.

Join EXA and gain clarity about yourself and your career goals, while training with like-minded engineers who are also invested in their career growth. Stop second-guessing your abilities. Equipped with tools from the program, get the recognition you deserve.

I’m so excited you’re here and for the incredible community, we’ll create together.


Jean Lee
Founder of Exaltitude

P.S. If you want to learn more about me, stay in touch!

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