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I'm the Founder of Exaltitude. I’ve been working in tech for the past 15 years as an engineer, an engineering manager, and a team-builder. I was the 19th engineer at WhatsApp and worked with Facebook as an Engineering Manager for six years after the $19B acquisition.

I've conducted thousands interviews and resume screenings, giving me the ability to identify winning resumes and LinkedIn profiles in seconds. Don't let avoidable mistakes hinder your job opportunities—let me help you optimize your chances for SUCCESS!

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The ATS-friendly Resume Template

Our professionally designed resume template is optimized to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by many large tech companies—Tailored  for Software Engineering roles.

💡What is Application Tracking Systems (ATS)?

ATS, or Applicant Tracking Systems, are software BIG tech companies use to streamline recruitment process. If your resume isn't ATS-friendly, it could be silently discarded, burying your chances of getting to real human eyes. Don't fall victim to automated rejection!

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LinkedIn Job Hack: Finding Hidden Opportunities Beyond the Job Board

Dive into the secrets of discovering job opportunities on LinkedIn with this step-by-step guide. As a former Software Engineering Manager at WhatsApp/Meta, I'll share insights gained as a hiring manager. Learn the hands-on tactics, empowering you to unlock hidden jobs!

💡What's Included?

✅ How To Find Hidden Jobs
✅ Networking After Finding A Job
✅ Write Engaging Messages With ChatGPT (Prompts and Examples)

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Top AI Universities & Curriculum Guide

Download our free, comprehensive guide! Discover the TOP US Universities for AI & CS, with in-depth curriculums of their flagship AI programs. Take the first step towards your dream career!

💡What's Included?

✅ Top US Universities Ranked AI and CS
✅ Detailed AI Program Curriculum

Download the AI University Guide

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Free Resources

Boost Your Confidence with Free Interview Prep Resources

Ace those software engineering interviews with a collection of curated, free resources handpicked by Jean. Whether you're navigating algorithms, data structures, or refining your communication skills, these materials are your go-to toolkit. Dive in, empower your interview prep journey, and let success become the cornerstone of your interview preparation.

Machine Learning/AI Research

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the ultimate resume handbook

Unlock Your Success with a Comprehensive Guide

Price: $20

What's Included?

✔ Comprehensive Written Guide:

Our detailed written guide takes you through every step of resume creation, providing expert insights and actionable advice.

✔ Affordable, self-driven option:

Learn to use ChatGPT to spot red flags on your resume, optimize with the right keywords, and make impactful edits for maximum effectiveness.

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Success Stories

Testimonials that Speak for Themselves

Jeremy profile photo

"Jean is deeply experienced in her field; Think of what it's like to have a thoughtful, articulate, caring engineering manager in your corner for the rest of your career. I landed an offer from Google shortly after completing EXA coaching program, and I couldn't be happier."

Jeremy Sim, Software Engineer @Google


"The Ultimate Resume Handbook served as a great starting point for me. At the time, I found myself lacking the motivation and direction to update my resume, and having the template and examples in the book definitely helped a lot!"

Elene Kavtaradze, Software Engineer @VidMob


"Jean not only helped me identify and eliminate red flags on my resume that I hadn't even realized were there, but she also provided specific advice on how to highlight my unique strengths. In weeks after revamping my resume with Jean, I secured multiple interviews, ranging from positions in small startups to one with a FAANG company. I can't thank Jean enough!"

Manjesh Prasad, Software Engineer @Glocal

Connor Leech

"With the support and education from the EXA coaching program I was able to land a position that better aligned with my personal and professional career goals."

Cydnee Owens, Software Engineer @Meltwater

Ocean profile photo

"EXA coaching program is a combination of Stack Overflow (peer to peer answers), Senior Engineer's help (experienced mentorship), well written docs (tangible tools and example to try out) to help us write less bugs in this new language, known as our career."

Ocean Zhang, Software Engineer @Amazon



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