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answers to your burning questions:

Ask your questions through the initial intake form. Tap into our extensive experience in the tech industry to receive personalized feedback and guidance.

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Gain valuable recommendations to create a compelling presence both on paper and online, based on your own career goals.

Comprehensive Optimization:

Enhance your professional presence by optimizing both your resume and LinkedIn profile for maximum impact.

Convenient Video Feedback:

Receive a detailed video review with screen share, allowing you to follow along and learn the key concepts.

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Don't Get Stuck In A Cycle Of Self-Doubt

Hi, I'm Jean!

I'm the Founder of Exaltitude. I’ve been working in tech for the past 15 years as an engineer, an engineering manager, and a team-builder. I was the 19th engineer at WhatsApp and worked with Facebook as an Engineering Manager for six years after the $19B acquisition.

Having conducted thousands of interviews and resume screens, I'm dedicated to empowering job seekers with the knowledge and guidance to create resumes that leave a lasting impression. My mission is to support the future of tech!

Success Stories

Testimonials that Speak for Themselves

Jeremy profile photo

"Jean is deeply experienced in their fields; Think of what it's like to have a thoughtful, articulate, caring engineering manager in your corner for the rest of your career. I landed an offer from Google shortly after completing EXA, and I couldn't be happier."

Jeremy Sim, Software Engineer @Google

Lauren Albert

"Lessons from EXA gave me exercises for self awareness as I try to level up. The learning and support from Exaltitude helped me feel more ready to take on new challenges with confidence!"

Lauren Albert, Software Developer @ Shopify

Connor Leech

"With the support and education from the EXA program I was able to land a position that better aligned with my personal and professional career goals."

Cydnee Owens, Software Engineer @Doximity


Resume and linkedin makeover

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