Mastering LinkedIn for Software Engineers: Recap of "Landing Great Interviews" Talk

July 16, 2023
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Welcome to our blog post recap of "Landing Great Interviews: Mastering LinkedIn for Software Engineers." In this final part of our 3-part EXA Career Conversations series, we explored the essential strategies and techniques to make the most of LinkedIn in your job search. From leveraging the powerful job board and conducting in-depth company and employee research to connecting with recruiters and hiring managers, we provided insights on how to attract attention, secure interviews, and take your career to new heights. This recap will guide you through the key takeaways and equip you with the knowledge to master LinkedIn for software engineering job opportunities.

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Welcome to the final part of our 3-part EXA Career Conversations series for software engineers. In this series, we've covered essential topics to boost your career, including crafting an ATS-friendly, FAANG-ready software engineer resume (in May) and optimizing your LinkedIn profile for job search success (in June). 

In this recap, we'll focus on the talk titled "Landing Great Interviews: Mastering LinkedIn for Software Engineers." This talk provided strategies and techniques to attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, ultimately helping you secure those coveted interview opportunities.

The Power of LinkedIn for Tech Job Seekers:

LinkedIn has become an indispensable platform for tech job seekers, offering many benefits. 

Firstly, LinkedIn provides a robust job board tailored to the needs of professionals like yourself. With thousands of tech-related job postings, you can easily explore diverse positions, filter by location and company, and discover openings at renowned tech organizations. It is a centralized hub for searching, applying, and connecting with potential employers.

Additionally, LinkedIn allows you to conduct valuable research on companies and their employees. Before applying for a position, you can gain insights into a company's culture, values, and recent updates. By exploring profiles of current and former employees, you can better understand their roles and responsibilities, enabling you to tailor your applications and interviews accordingly.

Strategies for Job Search Success on LinkedIn

One effective strategy shared during the talk was using the LinkedIn search bar to find relevant job opportunities.

1. Search "hiring software engineer"

2. Select "Posts"

3. Sort by "latest"

You can identify posts from hiring managers and recruiters who have posted about job openings. Focusing on these posts rather than company posts ensures you find current job openings with recruiters or hiring managers eager to fill them.

Once you find a suitable job post, click the provided link and apply for the position as instructed. Then, send a connection message directly to the person who posted the job on LinkedIn. Personalize your message, express your excitement about the opportunity, and express your desire to connect.

Example template:

“Hi [name], 
My name is [your name]. I saw your post on LinkedIn that you’re hiring a [Title: i.e., Web/Frontend Software Engineer] for [Company Name] and just applied for the position. 
I’m excited about the opportunity, or I’m looking forward to learning more about the opportunity.
I’d love to connect!”

While this is one of the most effective ways to apply for a job, it is time-consuming as you’d have to read two posts one by one. If you are looking for a specific type of job or a location, you may want to use the traditional job search function on LinkedIn. 

If that’s you, search for relevant job roles on the LinkedIn Jobs section using the desired filters, then connect with recruiters or software engineers at the company. See this LinkedIn post for a step-by-step explanation with a template. 

By sending well-crafted connection invites with personalized messages, you can establish meaningful connections and increase your chances of getting referrals.

Recap of the Job Search Process

During the talk, we answered many questions. Here is a notable question we got. 


If you see a job posting for, let's say Apple which was just posted - is it worth it to connect with a 2nd-degree linkedin connection who went to your university who worked at Apple previously and ask for tips on how to best apply? Or best to do more leetcode?

People often misunderstand the steps for a job search. If you are having issues "getting a job," that's too broad. You need to be more specific about solving the problem. these are the questions you need to ask.

Where are you stuck at?

Are you getting interviews?

If the answer is no, you need to work on your resume and network with people to get referrals. For resume help, check out the Ultimate Resume Handbook to knock out all the red flags in your resume. Then follow the steps we just discussed to get the referrals. 

Are you getting offers? 

If the answer is no, you need to work on your leetcode. 

Are you getting offers but failing to land the job?

Then you need to work on negotiation skills. Check out our recent Youtube video—Crack the Code & Walk Away with Dream Salary: Startup Equity Negotiation for Software Engineers on negotiating for the best offer.


Mastering LinkedIn for software engineers is crucial to your job search journey. You can elevate your job search success by leveraging the power of LinkedIn's job board, conducting thorough research on companies and employees, and effectively connecting with recruiters and hiring managers. Remember to break down the job search process, address specific challenges, and utilize resources like the Ultimate Resume Handbook and advice on Jean’s LinkedIn or Exaltitude Youtube Channel to overcome obstacles and reach your career goals.

Best of luck in your job search!

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